The Living City Art Exhibition was a partnership with local artists who were helping to bring The Living City Report Card to life. The exhibit was held at Evergreen Brick Works from November 24 to December 31, 2017.The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), Evergreen and the Crazy Dames are working with seven artists to create public art to expand the environmental sustainability conversation and to raise awareness about environmental issues for Toronto. 1:1 was one of seven artists to have been selected to create works inspired by the themes of the report card: water, carbon, air quality, biodiversity, land use, waste, and collaboration. We chose the theme of water.

Artist Statement: The Greater Toronto Area cityscape is built on top of natural systems. Hidden rivers, historic shorelines, buried creeks and ravine systems cut through the urban grid. Lake Ontario remains predominantly hidden behind towering buildings and massive transportation infrastructure in urbanized areas. Storm sewer systems run seemingly silently below the surface, only considered when they are overflowing. All of these flows of water undercut urbanized areas, peaking through the surface in select locations and times. Through the themes of Downpour, Flow and Stasis, Aqua Circulus creates an inventory of the sounds of water. Both familiar and unfamiliar from their context, the sounds invite the participants to reflect on the history, cycle and impact of the often invisible flows on our cityscape.